For the time being, we will no longer be live online on Sundays at 11am. We will be holding Church in the Park every Sunday at 11am until the weather prevents us, and services will be available on-demand early the following week.

Special Online Services for Passover

Wed, April 8

6:30 pm

Wed, April 15

6:30 pm

A Letter from Pastor Aron


7 Days of Communion

Monday morning during my devotion time, I felt very strongly impressed that God wanted us to celebrate Communion (The Lord’s Supper) together for 7 days coinciding with Passover, starting Wednesday evening April 8th and ending Wednesday April 15th.

Passover is the Jewish festival that Jesus fulfilled with his death on the cross (see Exodus 12 & Luke 22:7-20). By celebrating this together for 7 days with JESUS as our focus, I believe God is going to bring repentance, restoration, and revival in our hearts, homes and community! This will also be a special time where we will intercede and seek God’s shelter and deliverance for our communities, nation and world from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Olive Oil
  • Grape Juice
  • Crackers or flatbread (pita, naan, etc.)

For a fun family project, you can make your own Unleavened Bread (aka “Matzah”) in about 20 min. All you need is flour, salt and some water. Then fry it in a skillet. Here’s a simple recipe.

Repentance and Consecration

The first night, Wednesday April 8th, we will anoint our homes with olive oil (signifying the blood of Jesus) by putting some on the door frames of our houses and saying a short prayer of repentance and consecration. From there it will just look like taking The Lord’s Supper (communion – aka Bread and Juice) with your family dinner each evening and praying together.


I also want to challenge you to fast sweet foods/drinks (i.e. candy, desserts, pop/sweet tea, etc.) and also any questionable media during this time (anything with sexual immorality, murder, horror movies, etc, aka most TV-MA or rated “R”, but use your discernment).

Your Easter celebrations or diet restrictions may impact how you fast (i.e. you may want to celebrate Easter with special food/drink or have health issues that may prevent you from fasting), which is totally fine. Pray about it and decide as a family what you will do.

Sacred Assembly (Special Online Services)

Finally, during Passover God called for a “sacred assembly” (aka Church service) on the first and seventh days. Since we cannot actually gather, I will be doing a special broadcast at 6:30pm on both the first and last Wednesday, April 8th and 15th on all of our digital channels (details at in addition to our special EASTER services online Sunday April 12 at 9am (resKids Online LIVE) and 11am (Resonance Online LIVE)!


Every other day I will be posting special devotional content that you can use for your personal prayer time or to lead your family Communion with.

As I’ve shared this with our Core Team and Staff over the past few days, there was a lot of resonance and confirmation. I’m looking forward to seeing how God blesses this special time as we seek him together (at home) in a greater way.

Love you all,

Pastor Aron